Tuesday, August 14, 2018


For me, Maine is only "Vacationland" in the summer...

I don't like the snow and I don't like the cold (the south is choice for this reason...) but I do love my mom! So this summer I actually made it up to Maine TWICE to see her. Time with family + time on the coast is basically my all time combo. 

We spent some time in Sedgwick, Brunswick (all the wicks, I guess), and even drove out to Bailey's island to explore a little. The real bonus is that I can usually find flights to Boston (only 3 hours from my mom) for less than $100 round trip! #PTL

I even got to help my mom shoot a wedding while I was up there! 

There really is something about Maine that feels untamed. It's always a welcomed escape. Until next year*!


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