Tuesday, April 3, 2018


The final installment of photos from our trip to Spain. It always really feels like it's over once I've finished editing the photos.

That's the awesome thing about photographing your adventures, you get to re-live that moment whenever you want and really extend the vacation (which, let's be honest, we all want vacation to last as long as possible!).

Anyway, Barcelona was sort of cold and rainy while we were there and it was still magical! If you're planning a visit, I suggest avoiding most of the commercialized tourist traps (La Rambla for example, what a nightmare...) and stick to the historic sites.

The old stuff is where it's at!

A quick note on La Sagrada Familia: I knew it was "the thing to see" in Barcelona but I wasn't all that excited about it. I'm not an art buff and I didn't know much about Gaudi.

Seeing this masterpiece in person was legitimately breathtaking. If you've spent much time in old cathedrals, you'll recall that their all quite dark and cold (not literally cold, although sometimes). Gaudi has truly done something incredible in the Sagrada. The light is as much a part of the building as the stone and mortar. Gaudi said that sunshine is the best painter and he makes you really feel that in his work.

His connection to the natural world shows through so vividly in his design and I connected with that so strongly. Again, I don't typically go in too hard for art but I really connected with this. I may have gotten a little "lost" from the group so I could walk through everything a second time...

Green Parakeets are a common bird in this part of the world, which absolutely blew my mind. I could have watched them all day! 

Places you shouldn't miss:
  • Sensi!!! - Tapas and sangria are incredible and the staff is even more delightful. We celebrated Rachel's birthday here and they gave everyone in the restaurant a free shot of limoncello to celebrate. 
  • La Sagrada Familia (duh)
  • Park Guell- even if you don't pay to go in, there's still so much to see
  • Hotel Brummel - This place is so chic. Every room feels like a suite. They offer free yoga classes, and you can't beat the location! 
  • Brunch & Cake - Best brunch of the entire trip! (avo toast is to die for)
  • Federal Cafe - Try the Carajillo (heck have 2!). It's coffee and brandy and you need it! 
  • Montjuic Castle - Great views! 

There are still a lot of places we didn't make it to so it looks like a second trip to Catalonia is in my future somewhere. 

Until the next adventure! 

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