Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Scottish Highlands

Hello my friends!!

Keaton and I ventured to the UK this May for our EIGHTH (!!!!) anniversary and we spent most of our time in Scotland. It was everything I hoped it would be. It was green, the weather was amazing, and the sheep had babies- so everything was perfect!

We ended up flying into Glasgow, renting a car (it's own adventure) and driving, straight to the Isle of Skye. Skye was absolute magic. Don't go to Scotland without seeing this incredible place.

While we spent most of our time on Skye, we also spent a little time in Inverness where we did do a little Nessy hunting... ;)

As always, I'll share some of my favorite spots at the end!

I'm always so thankful to have these special memories and to see another corner of our beautiful planet. I hope these photos take you there, like they do for me! 

Planning a trip to Scotland soon? Hit me up! I'd love to chat about it! 

My Favorite Spots  

Isle of Skye:
  • Quiraing -you can decide how much you want to hike but if you hike over a mile, you'll lose most of the crowd
  • Neist Point - some of the best quintessential scottish coast views. Someone said they saw orcas the day before we went and I got my hopes wayyyyy too up... lol 
  • Eat at Cafe Lephin while you're out at Neist Point!
  • Talisker Distillery - the highlands are known for peaty scotch
  • Fairy Pools - go early or late in the day to avoid the crowd
  • Portree - make a reservation if you want to eat...pretty much anywhere. We ended up having fish and chips on the dock and it was still lovely
  • Kilt Rock and Lealt Falls - these are really close to one another and you can spend as much or as little time as you'd like at each. *Make sure you get an IRN-BRU at some point. It's like a delicious orange cream soda*
  • Black Isle Brewing - Craft beer and great pizza
  • Mad Hatters
  • Leaky's Bookstore - closes sort of early so check the hours
  • Perk - literally the best donut I've ever had... good coffee too
  • Just walk around town and take in the history. There's a sweet looking castle but we didn't end up going in. 
  • Loch Ness cruise - We did a Jacobite cruise and I highly recommend it. You can choose how long you want your cruise to be and there are options to get out and check out historical landmarks along the water. Make sure you wear a jacket!! 

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